Episode 114 – Why You Need a Booking Contract

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Learn Why You Need a Booking Contract & How It Can Benefit You & Your Client

In this lecture, you will learn simple, tried-and-tested techniques you can implement immediately in your own kids entertainment business to improve the way you serve your bookers.

Colette focuses on the benefits of having a booking contract and how you can use it not only to increase your turnover, but also to help your booker have a better party experience.

What’s more, you will get the ACTUAL booking contract Colette uses every day in her own entertainment business for you to amend and use in your business.

In this lecture, Colette covers:

  • Why send out a booking contract in the first place
  • How to guarantee that your contract is opened, read, signed and returned
  • How to use your booking contract to make money
  • How to use your booking contract to help your booker get the most out of having you at their event

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