11 June 2018

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19:59:56 From Robert : Morning Ken my mic has stoped working so I cant talk

20:05:30 From KEA Trainer : Eric Sharpe - Specialised Punch and Judy Show

20:05:54 From Manfred Hochmeister Vienna /Austria : eric sharp

20:07:34 From Manfred Hochmeister Vienna /Austria : Thank you. It is very important to stop and have someone look where you are. Years of performing do not always necessarily make you better.

20:09:26 From KEA Trainer : Whahey!!! Well done Lou 🙂

20:13:54 From KEA Trainer :

20:14:52 From Robert : I'm just a bit confused re email I got yesterday re tips valt. Isn't part of our membership

20:16:07 From Bradley : I love the fire closer.

20:19:15 From Jana Sloupova : Is there special way how to fold money?

20:20:44 From Craig Means : Static Kid is a nice routine

20:21:03 From Bradley : Off the meter.  A silent puppet routine and the big race.

20:22:20 From Jana Sloupova : Shrinking head is great for familly - adults love it , kids too.

20:23:46 From Bradley : If you make out that you are embarrassed then it isn't so much a problem.

20:24:26 From Louise Wells : Funny puppet routine:

20:24:52 From Bradley : Isn't this a similar problem with the ring of honesty and hat of truth in the KEA magic show.

20:28:30 From KEA Trainer :

20:29:03 From KEA Trainer :

20:29:24 From Bradley : Where do you get the bells from? Which ones do you use?

20:29:58 From Bradley : Thank you.

20:30:17 From Bradley : Happy Birthday only.

20:30:28 From Bradley : Cool

20:34:21 From Louise Wells : These are the hand bells. I didn’t get them from Thomann but I’ve used Thomann for other things and they’re a great company. This is the full set of all the notes you’ll ever need.

20:34:26 From KEA Trainer :

20:35:00 From Bradley : I once saw a certain entertainer completely scare children with the hand chopper.  I personally would only do it with children above 7.

20:39:08 From Louise Wells : Happy Birthday on the bells: They all have numbers on the top, so key doesn’t matter. 112143, 112154, 1186432, 6# 6#6454

20:39:43 From Bradley : Thank you.

20:39:50 From Louise Wells : 🙂

20:44:33 From KEA Trainer :

20:47:14 From KEA Trainer : keg of rope

20:51:49 From Manfred Hochmeister Vienna /Austria  to  KEA Trainer (Privately) : I sent the mail with Jingle Bells

20:52:51 From KEA Trainer  to  Manfred Hochmeister Vienna /Austria (Privately) : Thank you Manfred

20:53:27 From Robert : Run a compertishion

20:55:53 From Robert : no problem bit much to write let me know when your available and we can chat on skype

20:56:05 From Robert : or zoom

20:56:09 From KEA Trainer : Thanks Robert. Will do

21:05:48 From KEA Trainer  to  Manfred Hochmeister Vienna /Austria (Privately) :

21:06:01 From KEA Trainer :


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