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UPDATES from 9th of Aug 2019:

The Themed Birthday Parties - 50% of the subtitles are ready. A realistic target is Sep 2019.

Close up - We noticed a need to create practice sessions and will start filming them and streaming them to all of the members in KEA. The course is targeted to be available in Sep 2019.

Balloon Storytelling - editing is very slow. We have five videos ready and the pace of progress is three videos a week. Hoping to get faster as we go along with the new team member. In current pace the course will be ready in Oct.

We had a few resources to the Resources tab lately:

Headlines that get you noticed

The Greg McMahan Experience

and soon in the Learning Circle - we are having a sells lecture by Drew Ripley, a performing lecture by Dave Brenn and other goodies

Lastly - the KM Challenge is launching this month (towards start date in early Sep) -https://kivimedia.co/km-challenge-launch/

- do you use Android or iPhone?

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Download the app here:

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Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kea-login-helper/id1442812437


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